Why Metal Buildings are a Good Choice for Warehouses

The use of metal buildings continues to grow, particularly for buildings that require large areas of open spaces. Examples include church sanctuaries, indoor recreation courts or fields, or classrooms or schools. With the increase in e-commerce, some metropolitan areas are finding a need for more warehousing space. Utilizing metal buildings to meet this need may be an excellent option.


Economical and Flexible


Metal buildings generally cost less per square foot than stick build construction. Most metal buildings are pre-engineered with options for windows, doors, and other openings. Because the structure carries the full load of the building, the interior can be configured and reconfigured based on the needs of the user. The space can be a large open space or smaller, divided warehouse spaces with offices. This can be modified without dealing with structural load issues.


Simplified Construction


Once the building design and requirements are established, they will be pre-engineered and prefabricated. These buildings are shipped with all of the components, reducing the need to locate resources from a variety of sources. Smaller warehouses may be put together by a local builder while larger buildings will require commercial builders specializing in the building with metal. These buildings will require welders and other specialists. Metal warehouses are usually built on a concrete pad.


Green Construction


Because metal sheets are poured in a factory, the materials are highly recycled leading to increased sustainability. The buildings can be reconfigured and reused if a change in purpose is required. This cuts down on new construction and continued sprawl. Over the past several decades, energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emission have been stressed in the steel mills. Onsite and in use, the metal warehouses will have fewer opportunities for reduced energy efficiencies found with door frames, windows and joints that are not tight and properly sealed.


Building Maintenance


Metal pre-fabricated buildings can come with 50 year structural warranties and 25 year roof warranties. The buildings are impervious to water and many pests, are non-combustible and stand up to all types of weather including heavy snow, wind and rain. Keeping the foundation free from standing water and maintaining windows and doors will extend the life of the building. Regular maintenance and inspection of the building and accessories will keep the warehouse in good shape for continued use.

A pre-engineered metal warehouse is versatile, providing access to a great deal of open space that can be configured as needed. If constructed properly, the warehouse will be energy efficient and require little maintenance. The engineering technology provides for increased precision and a tight seal for security and safety.

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