What Equipment is Necessary for a State of the Art Chemistry Lab?

Chemistry is of profound importance to humanity. Through chemistry we discover new drugs, fight illness and research new and exciting foods, like the impossible burger. The set up of your lab is of profound importance if you wish to get the maximum results from your hard work and research. The best chemistry lab include the following key instruments.

Safety equipment: Such as googles, gloves, protective masks and even hazmat suits. Tongs are also important as you may deal with boiling beakers.

Beakers/flasks: Beakers are the building blocks of any lab and do a bulk of the work.

Bunsen Burners: To boil the contents of beakers.

Thermometers: High grade thermometers are essential to maintain optimum test conditions.

Droppers: These look like basters or syringes and are used to drop tiny samples of liquids or other materials into test tubes for analysis.

Test tubes: Test tubes are needed to perform chemical reactions in a controlled or restricted environment.

Funnels: To avoid spillage of toxic chemicals, one must have an adequate supply of industrial strength funnels. Funnels come in all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the experiment.

Graduated cylinders: These are test tubes that have a measure on them to ensure you pour the right volume of liquid. These cylinders offer a controlled method of measurement to ensure accuracy.

Clamps and stands: With ring stands and clamps you can hold containers in place and avoid a mess.

Scoopulars/spatulas: Used to dig out chemicals for weight on a weigh boat before use in experimentation.

Balancers: Used to weigh chemicals.

Low temp fridges and freezers: To allow for optimum results.

Incubators: For specific growth testing with vaccines or viruses.

Microscopes and slides: For cell-based analysis.

Petri dishes: For viewing samples under the microscope.

Scanning devices and computers: You will need high-priced, and high-tech computers to compile research data.

The equipment that you need is going to be based on they type of lab you are opening. Any item you have in the lab should serve the purpose of accuracy and safety above all else. The research will suffer if you lab is not properly and fully equipped. It is important to note that some of the items on this list would not be found in a classroom at a high-school but rather in a college or research facility. Moreover, depending on what type of chemistry research and development you are working on will dictate the equipment used in the lab.

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