What Are the Common Causes of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a reality for nearly 48 million American people. People lose their hearing for different reasons. The following information will explain why hearing loss happens and what individuals can do to protect their hearing.

Aging Degrades Hearing

Your hearing will naturally degrade with age. The Mayo Clinic informs us that hearing loss happens to older people because their inner ear structures began to degenerate. While people lose some of their hearing as they age, that does not mean that it will completely go away. This condition is known as presbycusis and it simply means a person might not hear like they did in the past.

Loud Noises Impairs Hearing

Loud noises will degrade your hearing or cause permanent hearing loss. A loud noise (or repetitive loud noises) can damage your ability to hear. The American Speech Language Hearing Association states that certain types of loud noises (such as explosions) can cause immediate hearing loss. People who work in environments where loud noise is the norm, usually have a high rate of hearing loss later in life.

Head Injuries can also Cause Hearing Loss

Sometimes a person’s head is injured, and they end up suffering hearing loss. This can happen in sports (football, boxing or mixed martial arts) or it could be the result of an accident. Head injuries should be checked out immediately and a person’s hearing should be evaluated during the process.


Otosclerosis is a condition that impacts the middle part of a person’s ear. This situation causes sounds not be processed that well. People will have a hard time picking up sounds when they have otosclerosis. Otolaryngologists (ear surgeons) can typically correct this problem with surgical procedures.

Not Eliminating Earwax from the Ear

Sometimes, a person doesn’t have their ears properly cleaned. The earwax then builds up to the point where it blocks out some of their hearing. There are some basic things a person can do to get rid of earwax. However, people must be careful about puncturing their eardrums.

Poking your Eardrum with an Object

This type of injury is similar to suffering physical head trauma. However, this situation happens when a person inadvertently sticks something into their ear or when they puncture their ear by experiencing an accident.

A person can also lose their hearing by experiencing an ear infection. Other types of ear diseases can create this condition as well. Hearing loss isn’t always permanent. However, if left untreated; a person can become deaf. A person should have a hearing screening every 3 to 5 years.

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