So You Need Contacts: Now What?

You may find that there are some times in life when wearing eyeglasses is not ideal. If you’ve never bought contacts, it can seem somewhat daunting and expensive. However, with recent advances and changes in the market, contacts can be very simple and affordable.

The first step

If you already have a prescription for eyeglasses, you might think you can go ahead and order contact lenses. However, if you’re ordering contacts for the first time, you will need to visit an optometrist to have an eye exam. The specifications for creating lenses that fit directly on your eye are different than glasses that position a lens with a centimeter or so of space between your eye and the lens.

Choosing lenses

The first consideration when choosing lenses is how often you want to replace them. A pair of contacts can be worn up to a month before they need to be replaced. There are pros and cons when considering whether you want to replace contacts every day, once per week or once per month.

The advantages of soft disposable contacts make them very popular. In fact, 90% of contact wearers opt for this variety. Daily disposable contacts offer greater convenience because they don’t require storage or cleaning unless you take them off during the day. Wearing a new pair of lenses every day is also less risky to your eye health than lenses that are worn repeatedly. However, for some people who are just entering the contact lens market, the higher cost of disposable lenses can cause them to choose less expensive monthly or weekly lenses.

Another choice to make when purchasing contacts is what features to select to enhance your overall experience. To provide greater protection in the sun, it is advantageous to purchase UV-protected lenses, especially if you don’t wear sunglasses over your contacts. There are also colored lenses for people who desire an enhanced aesthetic for their eyes. Sport tints on contacts can also improve vision by reducing glare from blue light.

Caring for lenses

Your eyes are very sensitive to the bacteria that tends to build up on the lenses after they’ve been used. If you need to take your contacts off, you will need to keep the lenses moist and disinfect them before putting them back on. A contact lens solution is much better than an improvised liquid because it contains the proper salinity and the right balance of cleaning agents. A multipurpose product takes care of all storing, rinsing and disinfecting needs.

If you find that you need contacts, don’t lament. Purchasing and caring for lenses is simple. After a short while, you will find that it’s easy to establish a daily routine, and you will gain confidence when you embark on a new life without the need to wear glasses.


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