5 Common Shoulder Injuries and How to Treat Them

Shoulder injuries are not limited to a particular segment of society or a group. These are individuals who in some instances are dealing with ongoing problems and conditions. Others have experienced symptoms due to an accident or a fall.

The treatment required to address should injuries will depend on its severity. This means the cause of the pain or discomfort must be treated effectively. Physicians generally examine patients to pinpoint what the problem is with the affected area. Imagining is often required to fully see these issues, as well as, applying the right treatment.

According to WebMD, some people suffer from shoulder issues because of something called referred pain. This simply means that the pain being experienced in the shoulders is actually due to problems in other parts of the body. Only a skilled healthcare professional will be able to make these connections to prescribe the proper treatment. Let’s take a look at 5 Common Shoulder Injuries and How to Treat Them.

1 – Shoulder Dislocation

One of the common shoulder injuries that people experience is dislocation. This occurs when the shoulder is pulled back or rotated too far. Sports enthusiasts and athletes often experience this sort of injury. Weakness and pain are usually associated with this occurrence, particularly when the shoulder is out of the socket. Treatment requires visiting your physician to reposition the bone and to get a sling to wear as it heals.

2 – Rotator Cuff Irritations and Injuries

Studies conducted by Harvard Medical School have focused on shoulder injuries and relevant treatment options. This source points out that in some cases issues, such as rotator cuff injuries are related to the process of aging. Depending on the type of tear a patient experiences, surgery may be necessary to address this problem. Minor cases can be treated with rest and anti-inflammatory medicines.

3 – Osteoarthritis

This condition is responsible for the pain that some patients experience in their shoulders. Osteoarthritis is described as a degenerative disease that affects the joints. With this disease, the cartilage in between the bones begin to break down. Rest, heat, or ice may be prescribed to deal with your symptoms. If mild medications don’t relieve pain, a corticosteroid may be necessary.

4 – Fractured Bone

A fractured bone causing shoulder pain can happen due to a fall or even a hard hit. When this does occur the bone is either broken or cracked in some way. Some individuals experience swelling and extreme pain based on the severity of the fracture. Minor cases are treated with medication but serious injuries could require surgery.

5 – Bursitis

Bursitis is another common cause of shoulder pain that can be treated based upon the injury. This specific condition occurs when the fluid-filled sac called the bursa gets swollen. Typically this is caused by repetitive motions that result in irritation. Along with local medication options, physicians prescribe other ways to reduce pain and treat this condition.

There are many different issues that are known to cause shoulder pain and discomfort. Visiting your physician for extreme concerns is the best approach for treatment.