How To Start A Portable Storage Company

Starting a portable storage company is fairly simple so long as you follow the few tips listed below. You can get a company going with just a little bit of money spent on overhead costs, and you will find that you can manage this business easily from home. These companies allow you to manage your business without purchasing the storage units yourself. Each step in the process can be used to start a company that will serve you well.

1. Who Are You Working With? 

You must find a storage unit company that offers the units you need. They have their logo on the device, and you get a commission for all the rentals that you close. This is a very simple thing for you to do because these companies have many different locations where they offer regional service. Once you find a partner, you need to start marketing your business.

2. Marketing 

You must market your portable storage business with help from social media and a professional marketer. The ads for your company must find potential customers on digital devices, and you need social media channels that post information about your company. You also need to be sure that you have an email address, phone number, and website. Your personal website makes it easy for people to get in touch with you, and you should create a Facebook page that has all the information for your business.

3. How Are Portable Storage Units Delivered?

Portable storage units are delivered by drivers that you have hired to work daily shifts. These drivers are asked to drive these units to different locations around the city, and they will drop off units, pick up units, and send in reports on their progress. Your drivers must be dispatched by you or someone you have hired to manage the flow of traffic. The portable storage units are all rented under a contract that determines when you get the unit back, and you can set your schedule using these contracts.

4. Customer Care 

Your customer service must be offered by you or someone that you have hired. You need to have a dedicated phone number for your company, and you need an email address that you check all the time. Your customers expect you to send very fast answers to their questions, and you also need to be sure that you have given them very specific information about your business. No one will want to shop with you if you cannot give them information.

The storage company that you are managing can be managed out of your home, and you can invest in this business with little money, your time, and a couple staff members you have hired.

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