How to Put Together a Winter White Outfit That Works

Are you looking for a fashionable yet unique idea for a new winter outfit? Have you had it up to your eyebrows with chunky knits and tawny hues? Sounds like it’s time to branch out and get adventurous with an old favorite: winter white.

Before you dismiss the notion, remember that the fusty “rule” about not wearing white after Labor Day is as outdated as the entreaty to never pair white wine with filet mignon. Its claim is mainly based on the fact that lighter colors tend to be a more practical choice in warmer weather. However, the turn of a calendar page is no reason to shift the entire color palate of your wardrobe. White is a classic and glamorous color, providing no less of a stunning backdrop than its polar opposite, which famously “goes with everything.” Here are some tips on how to make the most of the snow-toned pieces in your closet this winter.

Think head-to-ankle, not head-to-toe
There’s a reason black and white is a winning combination — the contrast is as eye-catching as anything you’ll find in fashion. Try a long ivory sweater-dress paired with high black boots, or a monochromatic blazer-and-jeans combo with dressy black high heels.

Dress it up with animal prints
While it’s tricky to pull off the all-over look when it comes to spots and stripes, a white backdrop makes it easier to get away with — especially during winter weather. Leopard-print boots or zebra-patterned gloves will lend textured flair to your ensemble. If any of your chosen pieces are fur (or faux fur), the effect will be heightened even further.

Accent with jewel tones
Everything from your beret to your boots might be as white as snow, but that’s no reason not to accessorize. Now is the time to reach for that chunky enameled necklace that never quite seemed to fit with any other outfit. Your winter white provides the perfect canvas for bold accentuating statements.

Keep it in the background
If you aren’t feeling adventurous enough to rock the entire white ensemble, consider using the color to highlight the rest of your pieces. A white blouse — or even a scarf — can help to tone down brighter shades, and provide intriguing contrast to darker hues. As these are basic closet staples, you shouldn’t have any difficulty putting together a look that’s sure to impress. For more ideas on how to “shop your closet” this winter, check out this Forbes article.

With these pointers in mind, there’ll be no need for a “summer closet vs. winter closet” mentality when it comes to your lighter-toned pieces. Armed with a good sense of fashion and a healthy dose of self-confidence, you can pull off the winter white look all year round.

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