How to Choose Roses for Every Occasion

People have been cultivating roses for 5,000 years. Our adoration of the perennial flower is evidenced in every avenue of culture. When choosing roses, one must consider the deeply-ingrained meaning of each rose color.

White roses, unsurprisingly, symbolize innocence. They also indicate truth, virtue, and loyalty, which makes them a popular choice for wedding bouquets. The angelic white rose is also a bridal favorite because it complements flowers and plants of many different colors.

Choice white rose: Patience, a large, frilly bloom that resembles a whipped cream confection.

The modest, winsome peach rose is an ideal “thank you” gift. It can also be used to seal an agreement or mark the closing of a deal. This is the rose of sympathy; it is appropriate for a funeral arrangement or similar.

Choice peach rose: Juliet–almost 100 apricot petals, neatly pleated within a bowl-like rosette.

Red roses are anything but casual. They carry centuries of religious symbolism, artistic importance, and of course, romantic import. Give them to the object of your passion and devotion–on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Choice red rose: Adrenalin has an alluring velvety color and a long vase life

Pink roses are as beautiful as red ones, if not quite as dramatic. The light pink variety exudes feminine elegance. Give them as a token of admiration–perhaps for a new love, a baby shower, or a gift for a performer. Dark pink roses express appreciation; they’re perfect for Mother’s Day bouquets.

Choice pink rose: The enduring Pink O’Hara has four hearts that spiral outward into lush petals. Its color is gracefully gradient–ballerina pink at the center, pale at the edges.

Select yellow roses to cheer up a friend–the sunny blossoms symbolize companionship. Their cheerful hue conveys warmth and new beginnings. Include yellow roses in a “get well” gift, a “welcome back” bouquet or a housewarming arrangement.

Choice yellow rose: Sun Sprinkles, a miniature rose as radiant as its name

Rare lavender roses suggest something mysterious and enchanting. They are intended for the secret crush, the love at first sight encounter. Because purple is the color of royalty, a lavender rose can be someone who deserves to feel special.

Choice lavender rose: Melody Parfumée, a grandiflora rose with a unique spicy fragrance

Roses come in endless colors, but some hues are more significant than others. Years of flower fascination have given roses their own secret language. From passionate red to sympathetic peach, the color of the bloom sets the mood of the whole arrangement.

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