How Microwave Antennas Are Used in Different Industries

Microwave antennas allow for varied ways for governments, companies, and even individuals to do what they have to do. It can surprise people what all the applications are. Many industries require the use of these antennae and not just for communication. People can learn more about how industries run via the technology used to have them run smoothly.


The retail industry has to have communications security, especially with the common use of credit and debit cards. A VSAT antenna is one of these. The very small aperture terminal technology is used for the point of sale terminals in many stores. Unlike regular cash registers, these are the high tech versions that are in some of the bigger companies’ stores. This allows for a tighter beam of signal that is harder to tap into. That provides security from store to headquarters. People have no worries about this technology being broken for the card information.


People do not realize that radar is one of the first and most interesting uses of microwave technology. The type of antenna is called multiple input and multiple outputs, or MIMO. With all the new technologies out there, these antennas have had to be more and more reliable over the decades. Helicopters are starting to be used for personal transportation, as they have become more affordable. There are other technologies that are being looked at, which could cause there to be new vehicles in the air that could be even more affordable.


Astronomy is very important for those who wish to travel in outer space. Finding other planets, seeing where exploration could help mankind, and other such goals can be easier with radio astronomy. One of the ways that astronomers get a clear picture is with microwave antennas. People want to see what is out there, so we can plan how to get there. The technology has other uses, of course, but this allows for know what to plan for with space travel. It may not help with knowing the future, but can help plan for many problems that can arise.

Microwave antennas have many uses and not all are known about. Other uses are not taught as much in schools as they should be. The military was the major force in getting the technology researched, but that was just the first step. People use this technology for so many of their conveniences and never realize it.

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