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6 Tips for Selling on a Digital Marketplace

Are you selling products on Amazon or Etsy and want to increase your brand awareness? Are you considering opening an online store and need strategy advice? It’s easy to get lost in the e-commerce crowd, but it isn’t difficult to apply the following strategies that will separate your brand from the competition.

Targeted Branding

Have a clear and focused perception of your brand. It will help you recognize your target audience so you can market and promote your products to serve them. Make your brand concept unique so you are offering something your competitors are not.

Use An E-commerce Focused Shopping Cart

Shopping cart platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce help scale your online business. Everything you need to build and sell your business, SEO optimization, design, paid search, social media marketing, and schema markup is available through these apps.

Optimize Product Feed Pages

Keyword research is crucial when creating titles and content. Create product titles that contain keywords people are looking for, not just words specific to the product. Write appealing product descriptions with keywords and no grammar or spelling mistakes. Include reviews and trust badges to increase conversion rates. Take clean product photos and include videos that explain the product in more detail.

Have an Active Organic Social Media Presence

Build an organic presence on social media. Follow and engage with people that share the same personal interests. Sharing you are a vintage car collector and a succulent hoarder in your downtime makes you more relatable to your audience. Share your views and experiences considerately, regardless of the topic, will increase your brand awareness and reputation.

Use Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant is essential when using Google Product Ads, Google Shopping, and Google Commerce Search. It runs your uploaded product data through Diagnostics Tool, which alerts you to data, account, and feed issues. Then, it helps optimize your feed for targeted advertising, product page optimization, and dynamic re-targeting campaigns.

Customer Service

When you are selling a product, you are also selling an experience so great customer service is essential. You can offer a superior product, but neglecting customer care will taint your brand image and unhappy customers post negative reviews. Resolve customer concerns quickly, create imaginative customer care gifts and coupon offers then include them with orders. Finally, approach customers from a “What can I do for you?” perspective instead of a “What can you do for me?” mentality.

After developing successful marketing tactics, get rid of unsuccessful campaigns and strategies that don’t work for you. Focus on endeavors that will bring you the best ROI and customer satisfaction.