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Commercial Electronics: Should You Repair or Replace

The first thing you think when an appliance stops working is “How much is this gonna cost to fix?”.
Something as simple as a cracked phone screen can run you anywhere from $10 to over $200 depending on the damage,
meanwhile, a new phone can cost $100 to over $1000 in some cases. So how can you tell whether it is worth a repair or replacement?

First off, you have to know how old the product is.
If you have had your laptop for 10 years and the battery decides to stop charging, it could cost you a mere $80 to replace it, but what if that battery dies out as well?
Usually, there’s more than one issue that’s caused an appliance to malfunction. Laptops are easy, however, what if something has happened to your water heater? Or to your stove?
most appliances have a lifespan of about 9 – 15 according to, depending on the appliance, and items such laptops are much shorter.
So knowing how old your appliance/device is, will help you make the best decision on repairing it, or replacing it.

Next, is whether YOU will be able to repair what’s broken. In most cases, the parts needed to fix something are vastly cheaper than the labor of a technician. Then again, if you make mistakes trying to repair something yourself, you could end up not installing a component correctly, and have no choice but to buy a replacement that costs even more. In today’s age, the DIY tutorials found on Youtube and similar sites,
give a self-repair edge most people train to get, but, the margin for errors is still high for amateurs. Knowing when to do it yourself and when to hire a technician is an essential step in this decision-making process.

Lastly, is hiring someone going to run you the same amount as getting a new one?
If it’s gonna cost $300 dollars for a tech to repair your dishwasher, but you can buy another with a warranty for $500, you’ll more than likely take that offer. On average, a visit from a repairman could cost $10-70/hour, plus expenses for the parts according to So make sure repairing is worth the time and money, rather than spending extra to find out you just need to replace
it anyways.

If you are struggling with what to do with broken electronics, ask yourself these questions; How old is my product? Am I able to fix it myself? Is repairing going to cost
more than buying a new one? Each appliance is made different, and some last longer than others, but following this guide should allow you to make the smartest choice possible.