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How to Handle Industrial Batteries Safely

Industrial batteries are dangerous and require specific instructions in order to handle without catastrophe. There are specific procedures that must be followed for changing, handling, and general maintenance of these batteries. There are also specific ways to handle the changing of batteries and specific instructions regarding battery changing areas. These instructions for all of the care, handling, and changing of batteries will be discussed in the following.
starting with changing batteries the things that should be considered are both the weight and contents of industrial batteries. When you lift or handle the battery be sure to use proper lifting equipment such as a lifting bar or other provided materials. Properly position the truck and make sure the breaks are on before you attempt to lift and change the battery. The battery contains corrosive material that can cause serious damage if spilled or if it comes into contact with the skin. So, be sure to wear personal protective equipment, and be aware of any eyewash or chemical shower stations provided. make sure that all caps are sealed and that clamps are handled correctly. Be sure to correctly reinsert the battery the same way you took it out, with lifting bar or provided material. check the water level and check the indication of a fully charged battery before continuing. Along with these instructions for changing the battery, there are also basic instructions you should follow when just coming into contact with such batteries. first, do not smoke or allow any sparks within the area of the battery. Also do not allow any metal, including jewelry, in contact with the battery. this can allow an electrical current and can cause a lot of harm. Never allow both terminals to come into contact with something specifically any person including yourself. wear protective equipment provided, gloves, eyewear, hardhat and anything else provided to you. as stated previously the batteries contents are extremely corrosive and harmful if you come into contact with them. lastly, Ensure that regular maintenance and check-ups are done on the battery to prevent anything that would cause harm to workers.
To recap the previous be sure that you are following appropriate procedures when handling the batteries. Do not lift without proper equipment and materials, ensure that the environment around the battery is safe. This means no metal, smoking, or sparks of any kind. Handle the battery properly as it includes corrosive acids that will cause detrimental harm to your body. So, wear your protective materials provided to ensure that this does not happen. Before changing or handling the battery be sure you are aware of eyewash and chemical shower stations in case of any spillage or mishandling. Make sure that regular maintenance is done on an industrial battery, all clamps are properly attached without connecting both terminals to yourself. Also ensure all clamps are properly handled, sealed, and put in the correct place. Use common sense and follow provided instructions and handling these batteries will become and easy task.