Pretty much the first thing that you need to decide upon when you start your blog, is picking a platform to blog from.

This means choosing carefully where to do it.

Since your blog is primarily connected to your business, it is super important to get this one right, first time.

Although there are plenty of free options out there, it would be the kiss of death to choose free software to host on.

The reasons for this are, apart from them simply not offering the full range of tools and services that you will get from the paid for service, that it will result in your site not being taken seriously.

When trying to drive traffic to your blog, you are going to have a harder time of it if you do not own the hosting.

Not only will Google more or less laugh at you, but you will lack the chance to fully customize your page.

Also, most free sites will not allow you to place links or use the site as part of an affiliates program.

The good news is that paid for hosting really does not have to cost a lot and it will bring you a surer start to your blog, as well as much improved back up.


Your domain name needs to be something memorable and preferably contain keywords which are relevant to your business.

Try and keep it short, try and ensure that the word is easy to spell and won’t be misspelled frequently. Also think about adding your location on it, especially if your business is conducted locally.

Whilst you are doing that, it might be an idea to register any similar sounding domain names, just in case a rival might try and steal your brand, should it become successful. And it is going to become successful – right?

Finally, just check to ensure that there isn’t already a pre- existing company with exactly the same name. This could save a whole world of trouble later on!



This one will take some homework, so we advise you do it properly.

Like the software packages, you really do not want free.

The options with paid for hosting are immense and range between shared hosting (cheap), dedicated hosting (expensive) and then there are specialist hosting sites specifically for sites built in WordPress.

For someone who is just getting started, a decent shared host should be ample and it can get you online for only a few dollars a month.

With a bit of research, you should be ready to start blogging in no time – now all you have to do is think about what you want to say!