We got together in the summer of 2013 when we realized that there were a bunch of us all doing the same thing, on our own.

We were business owners, entrepreneurs and to a greater or lesser extent, bloggers.

By day we were knocking ourselves out, driving our businesses and sales. By night we were sat hunched over our laptop, desperately trying to put together a compelling blog. It’s not easy, is it?

If that sounds like you, we know how difficult it is, especially for those of you who are running your entire show alone.

So that’s why the three of us – Donny, Oliver and Jason – banded together and began to pool resources. We found that we were facing the same problems, with the same pressures, but had quite often come to some very different conclusions.

What we discovered was that there were some issues that we all faced, which required lateral thinking and creative solutions. And very often, a one sized approach did not fix all problems!

This is when we started asking you, the reader, for your input. We wanted to reach beyond what we knew and find out from others, what their perspectives were on matters.

And we are so glad that we did!

In four years, our site has grown immensely from three stressed business owners, sitting around, wondering what to do – into an active community of diverse voices.

Now when someone asks a question, we invariably find someone with the answer to it.

And we now have an invaluable resource of talented writers to draw on, producing quality blogs and information.

In our blog, you will find everything from tips on managing your work life balance to how to get a business loan.

And for anyone with headaches about the technical side of it – we have totally got that sorted.

Come and join the debate!