7 Tips for Prepping Your Car to be Shipped

There may come a day when you need your car shipped from your old home to a new home that is far away and you do not wish to drive. The good news is there are many companies available to complete this task for you. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you prepare your car for pick-up.

Wash the Car

Scratches, dings, and dints are often obscured by dirt and dust. A clean car will better allow you to see any damage done to the vehicle. For this reason, you should wash your car thoroughly before the auto transport company arrives for your car.

Clean the Car Interior

Things can get tossed around in your car while it is in transport. You can minimize this problem by tidying up the interior of your car and removing things that will not remain stationary.

Do Not Add Gas

You will not need much gas in your car while the vehicle is in transport. Additionally, the added weight of a full tank of gas could present a danger to the truck driver. There should be as little fuel as possible in your car when the shipping company comes to pick it up.

Examine for Leaks

Check the undercarriage of your car before the shipping company arrives to load your car on the truck. Have any leaks you see repaired before the shipping date. A leak may cause the shipping company to decline the transport of your vehicle.

Check Tire Pressure

Tires that are either under or over-inflated pose a significant risk to the shipper. You also increase the likelihood that the tire will endure further damage during the shipping process.

Disable Your Alarm

This one seems obvious but many people fail to shut off the alarm to their car before having the vehicle shipped. You will endear yourself to your truck driver and possibly avoid delays for your car, as well as, the vehicles of other customers by simply disabling your alarm system.

Remove Accessories

Many car spoilers and other custom accessories are inconvenient to ship due to their unconventional size and shape. You will likely save yourself some money and a bit of heartache by removing these accessories before the shipping company arrives for your car.

The Bottom Line

Having your car shipped by a professional when you are moving long-distance is both safe and convenient. However, you should not forget to take a few precautions that will simplify the process for the shipping company and allow for the safety of your vehicle. The seven tips above should be carefully considered by you while preparing your vehicle for pick-up.

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