7 Tips for Opening a Franchise

Many people have sat in their favorite coffee shop and thought about how fun it might be to own and run a franchise of their own. After all, how hard is it to brew coffee? Opening a franchise seems like a much easier option for people who have always wanted to be their own boss. Here are several tips for people who are considering opening their own franchise.

1. Learn the cost

Before you get your mind set on opening a franchise, you need to know how much up-front investment you’re looking at. You also need to consider the amount of operating capital you need to keep on hand after the store opens its doors. The number one reason why businesses fail is that they run out of money, so this information is crucial.

2. What is your expertise?

You’re more likely to succeed at a business in an industry in which you have some expertise or at least some experience. However, if you have a real love for the type of products you want to sell, expertise is not a requirement if you’re willing to research and learn the essential things involved in owning a franchise.

3. Know the time investment

If you want to quit your job because of long hours, you could be in for a bitter upset when you find out that running a business requires even longer hours than your full-time job. You could choose a seasonal business that requires a lot of hours during certain times of year, then you can relax on the off-season.

4. Learn about the franchise

Learn key facts about the company such as when they were founded and the average success rate of the stores. Learn what expenses and profit margins you should target.

5. Get to know the corporation you will buy from

Before you jump on board with your favorite company, make sure you know enough about their corporate culture, practices and values to avoid unpleasant surprises down the road. You need to know how much the company is willing to help you set up your store, and learn about other people’s experiences dealing with the company. Unpredictable circumstances are sure to occur, so it’s best to have a company that is willing to lend a hand in those situations.

6. Learn how to succeed

Each franchise has its own set of challenges. Speak to other franchisors and the corporate reps to get advice on how to succeed with your store.

7. Stake out an end goal

There is probably some dream in your mind about the kind of success you want to achieve. Figure out if this franchise can get you there, and make a plan to achieve it.

Starting a franchise is one of the easiest ways to get into business for yourself. Make sure you do the necessary planning and preparation to avoid the common pitfalls. The more time you invest before signing the contract, the better your success chances will be.

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