7 Health Benefits of Losing Weight

There’s a lot to be said for maintaining a healthy weight. Even if you’ve struggled with weight loss in the past, never give up. Achieving and keeping your weight within a reasonable range will provide a number of health benefits. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Lower Bad Cholesterol Levels 

LDL or bad cholesterol increases the risk of stroke and a number of other ailments. What you may not know is that losing weight and keeping it off by eating sensibly and working out a few times each week will lower LDL cholesterol levels. As a result, you are likely to feel better overall and certainly reduce the potential for experiencing a stroke.

Higher Levels of Good Cholesterol 

When you shed those excess pounds with diet and exercise, you also help to boost the levels of HDL or good cholesterol. This is important since this kind of cholesterol goes a long way toward providing energy and keeping the nervous system healthy.

Increased Energy 

Carrying around more weight than necessary does sap your energy. Many people find that they feel less fatigued and can get more done even after losing as little as 10 to 15 pounds. You’ll do more which in turn helps you feel more energetic and satisfied with life.

Improved Mobility 

Extra weight puts more pressure on the joints. Depending on how much weight you need to lose, there’s a good chance that moving around will become easier as those pounds begin to go away. That’s important, since being physically active is one of the most important ways to improve your physical and mental well being.

Better Heart Health

The fact that you move around more and there is less bad cholesterol in the bloodstream means your heart remains in better shape. Like any muscle, your heart needs activity to remain strong. Proper blood flow paired with maintaining a healthy weight improves the odds of avoiding heart issues.

Lower Risk of High Blood Glucose Levels 

Getting rid of excess weight is important for anyone living with type 2 diabetes. The combination of consuming foods that are low in simple carbohydrates and exercising regularly make it easier for the body to process glucose in the blood. The result is that your glucose levels at the one and two hour marks after meals are likely to be closer to a normal range. Keeping those levels lower decreases the risk of diabetic neuropathy, problems with eyesight, and other health issues that diabetics are more likely to develop.

Better Sleep 

Those extra pounds are one of the reasons why you have trouble sleeping. As you drop the weight, you’ll find it easier to get to sleep and stay that way for the entire night. Mornings find you feeling refreshed rather than only marginally less tired than when you went to bed.

These are only some of the health benefits associated with losing weight. If you have a few extra pounds, come up with a diet and exercise plan to get rid of them. It won’t take long to notice how much better you feel.

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