6 Tips to Leading a New Team

Leading a new team can be refreshing and challenging at the same time. You will have the chance to prove your leadership skills and provide results, but you will also have to deal with individuals who are not familiar with you. Here are six tips for leading a new team.

1. Over-communicate
When a new leader joins a team, there is general anxiety among the members. All the members want to know what you are looking to change and what you expect from them. Be transparent and open about your thoughts as fast as possible. Begin by outlining your one-month plan and inform then what you will evaluate. The more open you are, the more comfortable your team will be with you.
2. Ask Questions
During the initial month, be sure to ask as many questions as you can. There are two types of leaders: a learner and a knower. While a knower assumes they have all the answers, a leaner will admit that they don’t. A learner might be very experienced, but their willingness to know and admit lack of knowledge makes them great leaders. Asking questions will build credibility and make you more approachable.
3. Determine the Roles of Your Team Members
Make sure you confirm the duties and responsibilities of everyone in your team so that you can easily work with them. It makes it easier for you to delegate when you know what each person does. Moreover, when you learn your team members, you can know whether they experience underutilization and you can offer them roles that suit them best.
4. Get Involved
Take time to do the duties that your team does. This will show leadership support by example, and you will discover the challenges that your members face daily. It will also make you more empathetic to their needs and requirements. Additionally, you will be better placed to make strategic decisions and communicate with them.
5. Exercise Decisiveness
After learning the team and their duties, share your vision, and begin working to achieve it. People are calm and reassured when they comprehend where the team is heading. When you are new, it can be hard to communicate your vision decisively without creating unrest. But if you fail to so, you might not recover from it.
6. Delegate
Trust your team members to do their job. Being a team leader hardly means that you do your members’ work. Be clear on your expectations of the team and allow them to meet those expectations. When there are opportunities or issues, empower your people to find solutions themselves, and support them. Avoid having to do everything.

Whether it a sales, accounting, or any other team, these six tips will work to make leading your new team smooth and exciting.

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