6 Steps to Remember When Rolling a Cigar

Rolling a cigar comes with a set of norms that aids in maintaining tradition and function. However, not unless one learns to roll a cigar, it isn’t always an easy task. Below is a simple seven-step guide on how to roll a cigar.

Grinding the Cannabis

You can use a grinder or your hands to breakdown dried cannabis leaves into a shake. Grinding cannabis with hands is a traditional technique used when a smoker wants the cigar to burn a little slower while ground weed maintains an even burn.

Prepare the Wrap

You will, of course, need a tobacco wrap to roll a cigar. Smokers would in the past use Backwoods and Swisher Sweets as tobacco wraps, but empty covers are now available at the corner store. You can use a blade to cut the tobacco wrap or a finger if you have the right touch.

Wet the Wrap

You can use a little moisture to wrap the cigar or seal up any hole or crack that might have formed while rolling the blunt. Some saliva is enough to wet the wrap, but you can use tap water or finger if you are wrapping the roll for someone else.

Fill and Roll the Wrap

Use ground cannabis to fill the empty wrap. A few grams are plenty for a standard size cigar, but it might be crucial to fill it with a fair amount if you want to share it with a friend. Next, roll the dried weed between your fingers and pack in inside the tobacco wrap. However, be careful when moistening the cover so that it doesn’t crack. After packing the blunt and shaping it, tuck the tobacco wrap under itself and use saliva or tap water to moisten the inside of the exposed edges. You can use fingers to get rid of any wrinkles on the tobacco wrap. Make sure you have the sticky adhesive for repairing the blunt if it cracks or you poke a hole in it.

Bake the Blunt

After rolling the blunt, try to dry or bake it to seal it together so that it can burn evenly. The best way to dry it is to run it around the outside and under the seam. However, be careful not to run it too close to the lighter because what you are interested in is the heat and not the flame.

Have Fun with Friends

Now that the cigar is rolled, light the end and invite friends over to your place to enjoy it with together. There are many tricks for rolling a cigar. The internet is cluttered with a lot of resources that may help you know the different techniques of rolling a cigar.

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