6 Reasons to Use Vitamin Supplements

The claims touted by vitamin manufacturers promise some amazing things. On the other hand, you’ve probably seen news stories about how ineffective vitamins supplements can be. We’ll set the record straight and discuss six reasons to use vitamin supplements.

Vitamin and mineral supplements can keep you healthy
Supplements are just that, a supplement to the food you’re already eating. Certain populations have different health needs. Supplements alone cannot perform miracles, but adding vitamins and nutrients, like calcium and vitamin D, to your diet can help prevent bone loss and fractures in postmenopausal women.

Vitamins can fill gaps for people on special diets
Certain groups may not be getting the vitamins they need because they are on special diets. Vegans, vegetarians, people with food allergies and people who are lactose intolerant, may need to take vitamins because they are not getting certain nutrients from the foods they eat.

Pregnant and lactating women
Folic acid is a critical nutrient needed for the healthy development of a fetus. Women should be taking a vitamin with 100% daily value of folic acid before, during and after their pregnancy for the best chance of a healthy baby.

A health condition means you cannot absorb enough vitamins on your own
Some health conditions can make it difficult for your body to absorb the vitamins it needs from food. Some of these conditions include Crohn’s disease, celiac disease and after having it a gastric bypass. In these cases, a multivitamin can give your body a better chance of getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Lack of sunlight
For a variety of reasons, there are those who do not see much of the sun. The sun is one of our best sources of vitamin D. If you are a person who spends most of their time indoors, you could benefit from a vitamin D supplement.

Supplementing poor diets
Chronic malnutrition isn’t something that is widespread in Western nations like the United States, but there are those who still don’t get enough healthy foods. Likely if this is happening in the United States, it’s because the individual has chosen to subsist on a diet of highly processed foods with low nutritional values.

It’s always best to eat healthy foods if possible, but there are those who are simply picky eaters or not yet ready to take charge of their health. Taking a multivitamin can help those with poor diets ward off disease and stay healthier longer.

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