5 Ways to Make Your Cell Phone Last Longer

How long your cell phone lasts has more to do with how you take care it than it does the life expectancy of the phone. The designs of today’s phones make them durable, and long-lasting thanks to the case materials and the electronics inside, barring a sudden fall from a table and the screen cracks! The point is that as long as the phone sports a protective case, falls from a table likely won’t be catastrophic. Protecting your phone does help it last, but more tips may help make your experience with your phone pleasurable, and worth the money you invested. Here are five ways to make your cell phone last longer, and some advice to boot!

1) As mentioned earlier, a protective case acts as a cushion for the phone if it falls from a table and lands on a hard floor. Without protection, the phone’s screen will crack or shatter in almost every case. With protection especially around the corners, the case absorbs the impact, and the display won’t be affected (hopefully).

2) The angle of the fall determines the fate of your phone’s screen. Fortunately, your phone should survive a corner drop, but full impact on the display might destroy the screen. Real glass screen protectors cost more, but it is money well spent in this case.

3) Next up is a reminder to keep your phone clean. Cleaning your phone isn’t time-consuming or complicated, but by keeping it clean, you’re keeping the ports free from dirt which could easily cause your phone to stop charging, or the sound from the microphone might sound muffled because of dust. Use a soft, lint-free rag moistened with a little cleaner and clean everything on the phone, including the battery contacts if you have access. The last bit of advice brings up another critical point. If you happen to drop your phone into water, the best information here is to immediately turn off the power either by removing the battery or use the on/off button. Let the phone air dry overnight and then check its operation. Resist the temptation to use a hair dryer to speed up the drying operation! Your phone’s internal parts cannot handle the heat and could quickly fail if subjected to high heat.

4) This one might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning because allowing young children to play around with your phone is inviting disaster. Broken screens, cracked corners, bent battery contacts, and jammed SIM card holders make the list of issues that happen on occasion. The best advice here is to be mindful of who you’re letting use your phone!

5) With the recent news about batteries and the problems they’re causing, a word about batteries might help in the frustration department. To start, if your phone gets excessively hot while it’s charging or while it’s in use, consider buying a new battery or a new phone if necessary. A battery in this condition likely won’t come back to life and will get worse. If, on the other hand, you notice that your battery drains quickly during the day, try turning off as many apps as possible to see if this helps. Next, turn off Wi-Fi if you’re not using it. The Wi-Fi radio continuously scans for new networks and in doing so, puts a significant drain on your battery. The same is true for Bluetooth. Keep this off whenever you’re not using it.

Keeping your phone healthy for as long as you own it will not only make the investment worth it over time, but the savings should convince you to spend a few minutes occasionally and spruce up your phone to help it last as long as possible.

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