5 Tips to Get Your Direct Mail Opened and Read

In spite of digital marketing being all the rage right now, direct mail can still be a very effective marketing approach. This is particularly true for local businesses looking to make announcements or increase their exposure in the community. But a direct mailing campaign won’t be effective if customers never open the mail. Here are some ways to ensure that won’t happen.

1. Make It Attractive

People are more likely to open direct mail that looks attractive and exciting rather than bland and boring. Graphic designers or marketing professionals can help your business create more appealing direct mail. Use brand colors, photos, illustrations and brightly colored text to make your advertisement stand out from the rest of the mail in their box that day.

2. Include An Offer

Knowing there is a coupon, sale or other offer included in the piece of mail will make customers far more likely to open it. If the coupon expires, point out the expiration date to create a sense of urgency. Including a coupon or offer is a very effective way to get community residents to stop by your new business. If they have a good experience, they might come back for more.

3. Make A Good, Brief First Impression

You only have a split second to make an impression on a customer before they decide whether a piece of advertising mail is worth looking at. For this reason, it is usually better to keep it simple on the front of the envelope or postcard. Use a catchy slogan, ask a question or provide a brief explanation for why you are sending this mailing out. Be sure to include your logo and be very clear about what your company does.

4. Personalize It

People are far more likely to open mail addressed to them directly rather than to “postal customer” or “current resident.” Customers like to be referred to by name – if you can get this information, use it. This is one of the reasons direct mail is still very effective: it is tangible and starts the creation of a personal relationship with a customer.

5. Get Information From A Reliable Source

No customers will even get the chance to open a direct mail advertisement if they never receive it. This is why it is important to get mailing information from a reliable source. The United States Postal Service offers tools specifically for direct mail advertising so you can reach the customers you want, but there are other resources you can use as well.

Direct mail can be a very powerful form of advertising but it won’t be effective if it goes unread by customers. Take the time to learn how to deliver a good direct mailing advertising campaign and execute it properly. You are much more likely to see better results.

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