5 Tips for Choosing a Portable Storage Unit

When you are ready to move from your home, apartment, condo, or dorm room, you will want to choose the best moving option in your location. Price and convenience are two important factors to consider when it is time to choose a moving company. Instead of paying strangers to pack your belongings, why not go with a portable storage unit company instead? Read on to learn five tips for choosing a portable storage unit for your move.

1. Start Planning ASAP

Start shopping around with different companies the minute you know you are moving for sure. Consider what the company charges, the features available, and any cancellation policy they may have in place. Give yourself enough time to make sure that a portable storage unit will be available on the dates you need it for. You don’t want to scramble for a unit at the last minute. Check out a comprehensive moving checklist to make sure you don’t miss any important steps.

2. Estimate How Much Space is Needed

Take inventory of what you will be moving before you put a deposit down on a portable storage unit. You don’t want to end up paying for space that you aren’t going to use. Figure out what size shipping container you need before looking at different companies. Every company will offer different sizes, so knowing what kind of space you need beforehand will help you choose the right business.

3. Ask About Delivery Methods

Most people choose portable storage units because they can be delivered straight to your door. Ask the company if they provide both drop-off and pick-up services. Make sure they are able to move the unit to your new location-some companies simply move them to their own storage space. Be sure that your unit will arrive on the day that you need it to.

4. Consider the Features of the Unit

If you are packing sensitive items, then you will want to make sure that the unit is weatherproof and fireproof. Many companies offer temperature-controlled facilities and units for customers who are moving items that cannot be subjected to extreme temperatures. You’ll also want to find out if the unit comes with a padlock or if you have to supply your own lock.

5. Consider the Accessibility of the Unit

Most storage containers are unloaded right onto the ground. You can then easily load your belongings without having to deal with a ramp or step. Some come a few inches off of the ground in order to protect the contents from wet or damp conditions. Make sure the company you talk to offers the type of unit that you can easily access when it comes time to move.

Portable storage units are a convenient and affordable way to move your belongings from one place to another. Use these five tips to find the company that fits your needs.

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