5 Tips for Avoiding a DUI Offense

Unfortunately, drinking and driving is an all too common problem throughout the country. When a person gets behind the wheel while intoxicated from a night of drinking, not only do they risk being pulled over by a police officer and arrested for driving under the influence, but they can also hurt themselves and others. If you do happen to be drinking and drove your car somewhere, you can be smart. Here are five tips for avoiding a DUI offense.

Choose a Designated Driver

One way you can avoid a potential disaster if you are going out and plan to drink alcohol is to choose a designated driver. This is a person who has opted not to drink and who is legally able to operate a car. They must have a valid driver’s license and be dedicated to making sure you and anyone else can get home safely by driving you home.

Leave Your Car and Take Public Transportation

Instead of driving to your desired destination at all, you can simply leave your car home and take public transportation. This is a great way to avoid getting a DUI if you know you will be drinking alcoholic beverages while you’re out. You can call for a taxi or even better, an Uber or other ridesharing vehicle. If there are public buses or trains in your area, those are a cheaper option to get you home.

Give Your Keys to Someone You Trust

If you happen to be out drinking when you have your car in tow in a parking lot or parked somewhere on the street and you are with someone you know and trust, hand them your keys. Tell them to keep them no matter how much you demand them back. It’s better to be aggravated at your friend for hanging onto your car keys than get into an accident on the road and arrested for a DUI.

Sleep Over

If you’re with friends who live in the area where you’ve been drinking, ask if you can stay with them overnight. If you’re not with anyone you can stay with, book a room at a local hotel or motel and sleep it off. You’ll be comfortable overnight and won’t have to worry about driving.

Be Conservative When Drinking

You can also be conservative when you drink. Get one drink and ask for it on the rocks as ice can dilute the alcohol. You can also get a full glass of water and sip that between sips of your alcoholic drink. This can keep your blood alcohol concentration lower and ensure that you don’t get intoxicated.

These are good tips for avoiding a DUI offense. They will also keep you and everyone else safer.

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