5 Things You Should Never Put In a Portable Storage Container

Portable storage containers are becoming popular over time. The containers are becoming a valuable asset for people who are relocating or renovating their homes. While storage containers make moving more comfortable than before and help people to remain organized while relocating, these containers are not made to store everything. Storage facilities inform their clients on the items that they can store in these containers and vice versa. While some things are common sense, some are not always obvious. Below is a list of things that you should never store in a portable storage container as you relocate to a new home.

Hazardous materials
While it might sound obvious that toxic substances should not be stored in a portable container, you may not realize that some items are dangerous. You are not allowed to store anything that contains gas or petrol, including empty gas bottles in a storage container. Also, some cleaning supplies or materials that contain alcohol, paint, cleaning solvents, and corrosives are not allowed in storage containers. You must drain petrol in containers before storing them. Also, you must check with the storage facility first before storing oil.

Perishable Goods
It is worth noting that you shouldn’t store any perishable item in the portable storage container. You should first consult the storage facility to make sure that it handles perishable goods before storing them in the container. But, you should avoid storing such items, especially if you intend to store the products for a long time to prevent mold growth. Some perishable items include fresh produce, frozen foods, animals, opened food containers, and plants.

Portable storage containers offer a safe place to store your items when moving. However, you should not store essential things, especially if you intend to store them for a long time. You should not trust the facility with some items such as marriage, birth, and death certificates. Additionally, avoid storing things like title deeds, financial documents, insurance policy documents, stocks, vital computer disks, cash, and safe in portable storage containers.

Radioactive materials
Radioactive materials should never be stored in portable storage containers. Radioactive materials are more dangerous than others because you may not know if you have been exposed to them or not. Also, most facilities cannot protect their workers within proximity to radioactive materials.

Guns and weaponry
While you might think that guns and other weapons are safe in portable storage containers, they are not allowed in the storage facilities. Accidents happen, and arms and other weapons may accidentally go off and explode. Additionally, explosive such as batteries should not be stored in these containers because they may explode when they get in contact with fire or spark.

These are some of the belongings that are not allowed in storage containers. However, you should inquire from the storage facility of other non-allowed items. You should also go through the agreement terms and conditions.

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