5 Reasons to Move to Canada

Canada has a reputation for being a little more peaceful, a lot lovelier, and generally more sane than many other nations. There are dozens of good reasons to move to Canada. Here are just five.


The constant fear of gun violence crime isn’t part of Canadian life. Even as a society of hunters, gun control laws are strict in Canada. Gun ownership itself is about a third less common than in the US, and firearms as cause of death about half as common. Canadian police constitute a “Service” not a “Force.” Its earliest models are the Mounties not the Texas Rangers. This difference resonate throughout Canadan policing practices today, resulting in a third fewer police shootings nationwide than in the State of California (2015).

Keeping the environment safe is important to Canadians. Canada ranks among the world’s leaders in climate-friendly technology, greenhouse gas emission reduction, biodiversity protection and more. 0.0% of Canadians breathe unsafe air.


Canada is an open and progressive society. It has fine, free public education throughout the nation and a world-class university system. Immigrants to Canada are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and live in a nation that has welcomed both immigrants and refugees whether they were escaping slavery in the 19th Century or fleeing war today.

Even as travelers, Canadians have a reputation for politeness. At home, Canada is among the most diverse countries in the world. Prospective immigrants have a widening variety of Visa Programs available to them.

Health and Healthcare

Canada understands that healthcare is a right. Accordingly, healthcare is publically funded and free to its citizens at point of delivery. Residents need only get a Health Insurance Card for this right to be extended to them also. Canadians live free from threat of debt or ruin should they fall ill, and they know they’ll receive good healthcare respective of income or social status. Canada’s commitment to universally available healthcare has inspired its own influx of temporary refugees, crossing the border just long enough to get themselves the affordable medications they need.

Abundant Nature

In Canada, the wilderness is immense. The second largest country on Earth, Canada is lightly populated at just 3.75 people per square km. Canada also has huge reservoirs of fresh water, and more lakes than the rest of the Earth combined. Three oceans conjoin here, the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic. Canada is a leading producer of gold, natural gas, zinc, copper, aluminum and nickel. It has the third largest oil reserve in the world.

Canadians canoe, kayak, and even snorkel among white Beluga whales. Canadians and their guests get to visit glaciers up close, enjoy the world’s longest continuous beach, and watch the Auroras while camping in majestic Rocky Mountain National Park.

Economic Strength and Opportunity

Canada is among the most world’s affordable countries, enjoying low inflation, low taxes and good wages. The Canadian government is notably strict in enforcing laws against fraud and corruption. Employees must be fairly paid for overtime, the government protects retirement and the minimum wage is $10.50.

A G7 member, Canada is one of the world’s top producers and exporters of manufactured products such as automobiles, high technology equipment, aerospace technology, machinery, clothing, foods and paper.

The reasons to move to Canada are both romantic and solid. It offers a good chance for a good life, with a range of options for entrepeneurs, students, workers and others. Considering becoming one of the million-plus new Canadians the country hopes to greet by 2021.

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