5 Reasons for Buying a Prepaid Phone for Travel

If you are looking for a new cell phone plan that is convenient and affordable, you have many options. Prepaid cell phones are among those options. They carry enormous benefits, in general, but if you travel on a regular basis, they will literally be your lifeline. Overall, there are five top reasons why you should opt for a prepaid phone for travel.

Allows You to Pay as You Go

One of the biggest perks of a prepaid cell phone is that it allows you to pay as you go. This is ideal when you are traveling, especially if you are traveling overseas and going from one country to another. You simply pay for the talk, text and data you need and do the same thing in the next destination. You can even avoid the dreaded roaming fees associated with using your own home cell phone network while traveling, which can save you a few bucks.

Ability to Use Any SIM Card

When you are using a smartphone for travel, the device must be unlocked. This is necessary so that you can use it on any carrier of your choice while you travel. If your phone is not already factory unlocked, you can request it to be so with your wireless carrier before you go away on your trip. Carriers will gladly do this for you as long as the phone is paid in full and you have been using it on their network for a specified period of time. Once your device is unlocked, you are free to take it to any destination and use a SIM card from a prepaid carrier local to that area.

However, keep in mind that your phone must be GSM-compatible as this does not work with CDMA phones.

Can Connect to Wi-Fi Wherever You Are

Another great benefit of a prepaid phone is that you can simply connect to whatever Wi-Fi connection happens to be available in your location while you travel. This means that if you are confined to your hotel due to bad weather or any other reason, you can relax and take advantage of Wi-Fi to ensure that you don’t go over the data for which you have already prepaid. You can use streaming services to listen to music or watch videos or even TV and not have to worry about losing your precious data.

You Can Keep in Touch with Home

When you use a prepaid phone while traveling in another country, you don’t have to worry about a postcard being your only means of communication with your loved ones back home. You can video chat with family and friends through FaceTime if you and they have Apple devices or through Skype at no cost.

You Can Connect Other Devices

If the prepaid service you get while traveling allows for personal hotspot connectivity, this is a huge benefit. It means you can connect other devices to your phone’s network. If you are traveling with others, they can share your connection. It’s easy to do this and only requires connecting the device to yours while your data is enabled. Other devices, including phones, tablets and laptops, can share your network through either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

These are five reasons to buy a prepaid phone for travel. The benefits speak for themselves.

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