5 Myths About Braces Debunked

You must be feeling nervous if you are about to get braces. The myths surrounding braces have made them sound like wearing them will not help, which has discouraged several people from getting braces. Fortunately, they are misconceptions, and nothing is far from the truth. You should get research about braces and discover the truth about them because they are the perfect solution for an array of dental issues.


Braces must hurt


Some people believe that braces are painful, which is not true. You will experience some form of discomfort as your teeth adjust to the new gear, but the soreness should not last for long. Most patients say that the process is painless. Therefore, do not be scared by the misconception that you will experience pain for as long as you have braces.


Braces are only for kids and teens


It should be one of the most common myths about braces. Most people who get braces do so during their teen years. But that does not mean that you are too old for braces. The truth is that about one million American adults wear braces. They are also a perfect option for adults as long as you will benefit from them. Adult braces are becoming popular because of the advancements in orthodontic treatments. You should not shy away from braces based on this myth.


Braces take years to work


The misconception must have been as a result of the traditional treatments. In reality, about six months are enough for braces to start functioning and move your teeth into the preferred position. As such, this orthodontic treatment can be completed within one year. Other patients with the right skeletal balance only require six months to complete the procedure. Your dentist will advise you about the period you need to wear braces.


You cannot play musical instruments with braces


The truth is that braces do not prevent you from playing a musical instrument. However, you might experience some challenges adjusting. But, braces do not make it impossible to play an instrument.


The wires on your braces require constant changing


In reality, the wires on the braces must not be changed often. What you need is a replacement, which is for a few times over the lifespan of the braces. It gives your orthodontist the opportunity to check the progress of the treatment. Also, braces do not look ugly. On the contrary, they enhance your appearance. Besides, braces are available in different choices that are appealing.


Remember that you can wear braces regardless of your age. You should not allow the misconceptions to discourage you from seeking this orthodontic treatment. Additionally, it is wise to research more on braces before you get them.

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