5 Great Tips to Stay Motivated in Your Fitness Plan

Whether you want to stay in shape or create that ideal “bikini body,” there is no better time to get fit than in the summer. You’ve come out of your winter hibernation and are ready to get active again. Learn how to get started in order to achieve the results you want.

1. Create a Schedule

You won’t work out if you don’t make it part of your routine. Pick a time every day to set aside for exercise. It is important to rotate through different muscle groups so you give your body time to relax in between. For example, make Thursdays “leg day” or go for a swim every Sunday morning. If you find yourself getting bored, change up your schedule. Variety makes exercise more stimulating.

2. Get a Workout Buddy

External motivation is helpful for a lot of people. You might be one of them. Recruit a friend who also enjoys working out, or who has the same fitness plan you do. Try signing up for a class if you don’t have a friend who’s interested. An instructor or personal trainer can help you stay focused as well.

3. Set (Realistic) Goals

These goals can vary based on the type of exercise you enjoy doing. You might want to train for a marathon, be able to bench-press a certain weight, or swim a particular number of laps. Remember that these goals may change as your fitness plan continues. Be gentle on yourself as well! Everyone starts at a different pace. Don’t compare yourself to other people at the gym. You know your body best.

4. Take “Before and After” Photos

It can be helpful to visualize those goals, too. Take a picture of yourself before you start your program. Take another picture at regular intervals throughout your fitness regimen. Over time you will see how your goals are coming into place. It’s really exciting to see yourself becoming stronger.

5. Reward Yourself

Incentives can make exercise more fun. Give yourself a weekly “cheat day” to take off from working out. Buy yourself a nice gift after a certain number of weeks or months that you’ve spent sticking to your plan. You’ve earned it.

Exercise impacts other areas of your life as well. It improves confidence and is scientifically proven to make you happier. So what are you waiting for? Find a fitness plan that works for you and enjoy the results.

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