5 Considerations When Purchasing Aircraft Parts

As an aeronautical engineer, the purchase of aircraft parts can be tricky. Nonetheless, there are numerous platforms, vendors, distributors, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who provide the information you require to purchase parts seamlessly.

1. Think about your sources

You need to find out if your vendor or distributor is considered legitimate by other engineers. In addition, consider their warranty, delivery time, and after-sales services offered. The following are the leading vendors who sell airplane parts
• OEM: Also known as Original Equipment Manufacturers, they provide spare parts for the specific model of aircraft that they manufacture. Their components come with a warranty .
• Distributor: OEM authorized distributors and general distributors are the two types in this category.

2. Part number

When buying aircraft parts, it is essential to buy the part that is compatible with the aircraft. Therefore, you should check the model, serial number, and type. If you are not sure how to do so, check with the manufacturers of the parts you require, and you will get the assistance needed.

The price of the parts is dependent on the upgrades made. Also, the components according to the standards the manufacturer sets.

3. Airworthiness certification

The certification documents prove the airworthiness of a part of the components you purchase. The documents provide information such as inspection date, OEM details, the current condition of the parts, and the signatures of the manufacturers or certified professionals.

Some parts have two certifications; FAA Form 8130 and EASA Form 1. The cost of purchase is based on how many certifications are required for a part.

4. Consider if The Aircraft parts are OEM parts

An approved part is a part that is FAA approved and has followed the FAA regulations in its manufacture. It does not matter whether it is an individual part, engine, or frame, as long as it meets the Standards provided based on its role in the aircraft.

The OEM is the Type Certificate holder (TC). Therefore, the TC holder is the only one who can manufacture the said parts. In addition, the parts need labeling and documentation based on the original parts. By holding the TC, the manufacturer has proven the part works on the aircraft and is safe to use.

5. Check if the parts are PMA Approved

Conversely, the Parts Manufacture Approval can be designed by anyone who can make a similar part equivalent in performance and well duplicated. There is an extended process for someone seeking this type of approval for manufacture. Therefore, you need to make a choice when choosing an OEM or PMA aircraft part or parts.

Overall, it is clear that your source is the most crucial factor when purchasing aircraft parts. Using the above considerations, you will not only get the best parts for your aircraft, but you will also gain the advantage of spending less on the parts.

Getting the right parts determines how well maintained your private plane or commercial plane you work on is and operates. Use the above guide on your next aircraft parts quotation.

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