5 Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network, also simply referred to as a VPN, is a must these days with net neutrality being a thing of the past. A VPN can benefit you in a number of ways while you are online, whether it’s for work or personal use. These are five of those benefits you can enjoy.

Improved Security

A VPN provides you with an overall improved security experience while you are surfing the Internet. This keeps your device as well as whatever you happen to be doing online safe from the prying eyes of hackers and other cyber thieves. In particular, if you are sitting in your favorite neighborhood coffee house with your laptop, you can get better security from using a VPN while connected to an open public Wi-Fi network. Your true IP address is masked by the VPN, which keeps your data safe as well.

Remote Access

When you use a VPN while online, your information can be accessed from any location. This also allows you to gain access to the content you wish to see even if the website you are visiting has restrictions. If you run your own business, for instance, and your employees work remotely, they can always access the data or server they need from your business while connected to a VPN so that they can be productive.

Ad and Tracker Blocking

Some VPNs offer the benefit of ad and tracker blocking. They can include a myriad of features built in that can improve your overall experience while you surf the web. Additionally, some VPNs can even block malware, which is a huge advantage. When you have an ad and tracker blocking feature built in, you can concentrate more on the content you want to view instead of being disrupted by ads or popups on the website you are accessing.

Bypass ISP Bandwidth Throttling

Your Internet service provider (ISP) wants to make money, so one of the ways it may do that is to throttle your speed when you access certain websites, such as a streaming service like Netflix. When you use a VPN, it allows you to essentially be invisible while online, so your ISP cannot see that you are streaming video content. As a result, you can enjoy better speeds and a thoroughly smoother viewing experience.


With a VPN network, you don’t have to worry about high maintenance costs. Setting it up is relatively easy and you can choose from a number of subscription packages. Ultimately, you can find the best one for your needs that is also reasonably priced. Many VPNs offer great discounts for potential new customers as well.

A VPN offers numerous benefits. These are five of the most notable.

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