5 Benefits of Living in Canada

If you are considering where you should live your life in the coming years, one of the locations often mentioned is the North American territory of Canada. Along with the taxpayer-funded healthcare system and stunning landscapes, Canada offers a standard of living unmatched in much of the developed world. In recent polls, the United Nations has often placed Canada at the top of the rankings of the best places to live in the world.

1. Immigrants can become a business success

A recent study published by CTV News gives you hope that you can make a success of whatever business you are looking to work in across Canada. Among the benefits of living in Canada is the fact immigrants have become the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the nation. If you are hoping to start your own business as an immigrant you could grow at a rate 1.3 times faster than those businesses created by Canadian-born immigrants.

2. Free healthcare opportunities

The opportunity to receive healthcare with no to little cost at the point of service is something many in North America can only dream of. One of the main benefits of living in Canada you may be looking forward to is access to a healthcare system funded by public taxes.

3. Explore the natural world

There are few nations in the world with the natural beauty of Canada and the opportunities you will have to explore them. From the Northern Lights to the migration of around 20,000 whales from the coast of Vancouver to the Bering Sea. Readers Digest recommends you explore the Pacific Rim whale festival and its many attractions to get the most out of the movement of gray whales across western Canada’s coastline.

4. Low crime rates

When you are looking to make a move around the world and live in a new country you will want to make sure your safety is assured in the future. Canada has one of the lowest crime rates in the developed world with less violent crimes than most countries in North America and Europe.

5. A great education system

The education system in Canada is mostly funded by public contributions and has reached the top end of global rankings. The Canadian education system is ranked the third best in the world in 2019 which means you can be happy your children or other family members will receive a first-class education during your time living and working in the country.

There are many reasons to move to Canada, including the huge amount of recreational possibilities on offer across the nation. The liberal nature of the nation means it has some of the most progressive social welfare programs in the developed world for you to enjoy. The inclusive nature of Canada and its 35 million residents means you can enjoy a life where the seat of government on Parliament Hill is often opened up for yoga classes throughout the summer.

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