5 Benefits of Green Construction

Green construction is becoming more and more important. The United States Green Building Council says that growth in green construction is outpacing the rest of the industry. This trend is expected to continue in the future. Eco-friendly building today offers cost advantages over traditional methods. In addition to being good for the environment, green construction is good for you financially.

Reduced Operating Costs

Green construction cuts the cost of utilities and other day-to-day expenses. Buildings are the largest energy consumers in the United States. They account for 41 percent of all energy use.The USGBC reports that green building typically reduces energy bills by up to one- third. Green buildings also use less water. This results in lower water bills. Green building strategies employ long-lasting materials that cut down on maintenance expenditures.

A Higher Return on Your Investment

It is more expensive to adopt a green construction approach. However, the added cost averages only about 4 percent. The property value of a green building is greater, This offsets the additional investment. Existing structures that are remodeled using green methods benefit from decreased operating costs. The savings pay for the investment in a few years according to the USGBC. Environmentally sound construction offers an improved return of investment. For a homeowner, the results are higher property values and lower utility bills.

Environmental Sustainability

Building green reduces adverse environmental impact. It is well known that lowering energy use tends to cut carbon emissions because less fossil fuel is burned. In addition, eco-friendly methods conserve water resources by employing efficient plumbing fixtures like flow restrictions. Design approaches that use fewer materials are another way green construction eases strain on the environment.

A Healthier Environment

Green buildings are more people friendlyhier than conventional structures. For example, the use of smart technology and energy efficient climate systems creates a more comfortable indoor environment. Green construction also avoids the use of materials that contain toxic substances like formaldehyde that may cause cancer and other health problems.

Lower Demand on Infrastructure 

It’s no secret that community infrastructure is often overburdened. This is especially true in areas that are experiencing rapid growth. Green construction lessens demand on the local power grid. Other systems such as water and waste management systems also experience less strain because resources are utilized more efficiently.

Green construction was once viewed by many as rhetoric promoted by “tree huggers.” However, this philosophy of building has proven its value. It is now a mainstream approach. Green buildings are good investments. They are healthier places to live and work. They help to preserve the environment and limited natural resources for future generations.

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