4 Ways to Replace Your Company’s Signage on a Budget

Good signage is more valuable for a company than many people expect, but replacing can also be unexpectedly expensive. Fortunately, there are a few different techniques that can help to keep the cost down. In some cases, using only a single method will suffice, but it is often better to use a mixture of them to minimize costs.

Laser Engraving

Businesses that change their signs regularly should consider investing in a laser engraving tool. A laser engraver can work on surfaces that are suitable for signage, and it can quickly produce high-quality images from a pattern. That significantly reduces the cost of producing new signs. Businesses that only occasionally need new signs should consider looking for a shop that relies on laser engraving, since their offerings will usually offer better quality at a lower price than the majority of the competition.

Recycled Materials

Recycling is great for the environment, but it can also have major benefits for a company’s finances. Clever manages can often scavenge free wood or other materials, often by searching the Internet for people who are trying to get rid of the materials. In many cases, the recycled materials are just as good as new ones, but they are normally available for free. As long as the business has somebody with the knowledge and tools to construct a sign, relying on scavenged materials will eliminate the cost of materials. This combines particularly well with a laser engraver, but most sign construction methods will benefit from making use of scavenged materials.

Painted Walls

It is also possible to save space and materials by converting a building’s walls into signs. A painted wall is just as visible as most signs, but it does not require any additional space. If the paint is applied properly, it can also be surprisingly durable, which makes it a superior alternative in areas where signs can be damaged by high winds. The downside to this method is that it takes a significant amount of labor compared to conventional signs, but the artistry of a well-painted wall can more than compensate for that.

Flags and Banners

Flags, banners, and other textiles tend to be cheaper than rigid signs. They do require a place to hang, which usually restricts them to tall buildings that can suspend them from the roof, but doing so also makes them more visible, which is an asset. Adding or removing a flag from a building takes very little work, so they’re also a sound choice for temporary use. They can get damaged from long-term use, especially in harsh environments, so it’s best to use banners in sheltered areas or for relatively short periods.

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