4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Synthetic Oil for Your Car

Most everyone would like their car engine to last longer, as no one wants to drop thousands of dollars for a new engine. Engines are like other things: they should be maintained to lengthen their life. One choice you have as a car owner is whether to use conventional oil or synthetic oil. You should choose synthetic oil instead of conventional oil for at least four reasons.

The first reason is synthetic oil keeps your engine lubricated better than conventional oil. Conventional oil lubricates differently depending upon the weather. During cold weather, conventional oil will become thicker and does not flow as freely between your engine’s components. During warm weather, the oil may “break down” in the heat’s stress. Synthetic oils handle the heat and do not break down in the hot environment. Synthetic oils are chemically engineered to handle these conditions.

The second reason is synthetic oil has better stability in your engine (viscosity). Oils will lose their thickness. When an oil loses its thickness, the result can be “dry starts”. Dry starts happen when oil gathers at the base of the engine instead of sticking to the engine components, as it should. Synthetic oil has better viscosity and will cling to engine parts longer than conventional oil. This means when you start your engine, there will still be oil on the moving parts for lubrication. This could help your engine last longer.

A third reason synthetic oil is your best choice is it reduces the chance of oil breakdown. When oils “break down” as they all do, your engine is not protected. Therefore manufacturers suggest you change your oil every 3000, 5000, etc. miles. Synthetic oils need not be changed as often because they are designed to not break down as quickly. It is not uncommon to get double the amount of miles between oil changes with synthetic oil.

A fourth reason synthetic oil is your best choice is synthetic oil operates cleaner and does not leave residue like conventional oils. When it leaves a residue, it is not damaging like those from conventional oil. While conventional oil burns onto engine parts, synthetic oil is less likely to leave this “burned oil” residue. This burned on residue can “chip off” of the engine, falling into your oil.

Over the “long haul”, investing in synthetic oil for your car makes sense, because the benefits outweigh the risks. Synthetic oil does not mean that you do not have to change your oil regularly. It means these oil changes will be less frequent.

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