4 Pet Friendly Ways to Have Greener Grass This Summer

A beautifully lush, green lawn is a great way to showcase your home and property. But, if you have pets in the family, keeping it healthy and safe can be a challenge. Here are four tips to keep your grass greener this summer if you have pets.

#1 Herbicides

Controlling the weeds in your lawn is one of the best ways to give the grass room to grow. For the most part, any chemicals that you use for weed control or fertilization can be harmful to pets. If you choose to use any herbicides on your lawn, it’s best to keep you pet away from the grass for several days.

But, there are some other greener options for getting rid of weeds and keeping your grass green and healthy.

  • Salt will kill just about anything growing. But, it usually won’t let anything grow ever again. So, be careful getting it near grass.
  • Boiling water is great for killing weeds.
  • Vinegar is also very effective for getting rid of weeds. You can even mix a little dish detergent with it to help it adhere to the weeds.
  • A mulching lawnmower will leave nutrient-rich clippings on the ground, naturally fertilizing your lawn.

#2 Mowing

There’s a happy medium for the ideal height of your grass. You don’t want to cut it so short that you’re stunting the growth. But, you also don’t want it so tall that you’re creating habitats where insects like fleas and ticks can thrive. Three to four inches is the best height to keep your grass.

You also want to make sure that your mower blade is sharpened often. A dull blade will tear the grass, making it look brown on top.

#3 Designated Potty Area

You can let your dog have the run of the entire yard. But, their urine stains on the grass can be difficult to keep up with. The best way to stop it from staining the lawn is to thoroughly spray it with the hose every time they potty.

It can be really helpful if you have a designated area, maybe even fenced in, where they use the bathroom. It will make it much easier to clean, and you could still play with them in the big yard after they are done with potty-time.

#4 Daily Walks

Not only is a good, brisk walk good for them, but it gives them a chance to relieve themselves somewhere other than in your yard. And, they love to potty in new places.

You can have a beautiful, green lawn even if you have pets. It just might take a little more thought. But, in the end, you and your pet will be able to enjoy your yard together.

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