3 Things to Know About How an Air Pump Affects a Septic Tank

If you are like most people, you have probably given little thought to your septic tank or how it works. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong type of system can cause long term damage to your home and yard as well as your surrounding environment. Repairs are costly, and flooded yards become foul smelling swamps. The good news is that using a system with an air pump, called an aerobic treatment unit, or ATS, gives you the option of a treatment system similar to a municipal system scaled down to fit your home.

The first affect of an air pump to a septic system is that it injects oxygen into your tank. Oxygen increases the activity of the natural bacteria in the tank to help break down the waste. Aerobic treatment systems are more effective at this than the natural anaerobic system of other types of tanks. The affect is that the resulting sludge is cleaner than with traditional systems. You will not have to worry about the slime layer of traditional systems, nor will you need the same amount of space for the leach field.

In addition, the cleaner sludge produced by a septic tank with an air pump will not smell like sewage in the way that many traditional septic systems do. You may have a slight musty smell, buy your yard will not smell like a swamp or a sewage plant. An aerobic treatment system with an air pump is going to keep your system cleaner and your surrounding environment more pleasant. You can enjoy the smell of the great outdoors rather than a smelly swamp.

Finally, septic tanks with air pumps are generally smaller than traditional systems. If you have a smaller lot, this is the system for you. An aerobic treatment system also works well with poor soil systems, high water tables, and bodies of water like a pond that are sensitive to contaminates. You can use an air pump if you have a koi pond or want your yard to be more than ground covering for your septic tank.

If you are not on a municipal sewage system, you want to have peace of mind about the septic tank in your yard. The best system for you is the one that allows you to create the outdoor environment that fits your life rather than your septic tank needs. Using an air pump with your septic tank will allow you to create an outdoor oasis or a children’s dream play area or to extend the indoors outside without worrying about the miniature sewage plant in your yard.

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