3 Hacks for Keeping Your Jewelry Organized

If you have a lot of jewelry, or you want to make sure your best pieces are cared for instead of being tossed in a drawer, you may want to consider different ways to sort and organize your jewelry. There are a lot of options out there, whether you want to tackle a DIY project or you just want to find the right type of organization for your collection. Even if you’re limited on space, it’s possible to organize your jewelry so that it’s safe and easier to find.

1. Create DIY stacked plates for compact organization.

If you like to keep some of your often-worn jewelry out on your nightstand or dresser, you can make your own holder with a few small, antique plates and candlesticks. Use a heavy duty glue to secure the candlestick to the top of the plate, then put another plate on the top of that candlestick and secure it. You can stack three plates total for a pretty, tiered jewelry holder. Either put designated jewelry on the trays or use it at the end of each day when you take your jewelry off and are waiting to put it back where it belongs.

2. Separate tiny objects in ice cube trays.

If you always seem to misplace your itty bitty studs or your delicate rings, make them easier to find by using ice cube trays for your smallest jewelry. You can either get basic ice cube trays at the dollar store, or get cuter silicone ones in all different shapes and sizes from a home good or specialty store. If you want to cycle through your jewelry, get an extra tray so that you can store the jewelry you’ve worn in that one and then continue filling it up until you’ve cycled once through some of your pieces. You can also buy color-coded trays to keep track of what type of jewelry is in each one, like pink for earrings and blue for rings.

3. Purchase jewelry holders.

There are all sorts of jewelry holders for everything you own, from your watch collection to your dangling earrings, and more. You can get all-purpose jewelry holders and decide how you want to split up your collection, or buy holders specifically designed for certain types of jewelry. For example, you can get a tall jewelry tree for necklaces and a ring tree for your favorite rings.

Keeping your jewelry organized means it’ll be easier to find when you’re in a rush, you’ll get more use out of the pieces you haven’t worn that much, and you won’t have to fight with tangled chains or gnarled earrings.

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