3 Benefits of Handicap Vans

vehicle that is wheelchair accessible is a modified one that has an increase in the size of the interior and has been equipped with an entry for the wheelchair, such as a powered lift or ramp. Modifications are in two categories: where the person in the wheelchair is the driver with the seating and other features having been modified, or where the person in the wheelchair is a passenger.

If you want to purchase a handicap van or have accessibility modifications made to your current vehicle, there are disability grants and other funding options to help make the vehicle affordable. Grant fund programs and organizations that provide for disability services and equipment exist in every state, and auto loans are also usually available.

Examples of the benefits of such handicap vans are the following:

* Side entry configuration is normally used by more than 75 percent of personal use vehicles that are wheelchair-accessible. Advantages include the ability to drive from the wheelchair in the driver position or sit in the front passenger position, and be able to enter and exit by the curb and away from traffic.

* Rear entry configuration can be used for the wheelchair occupant who is a passenger. No extra room is needed for a ramp, and the side passenger door isn’t blocked if there is the installation of a folding-style ramp.

* There are great organizations and companies that will help you and your family find the right accessible van. Following are some of them:

A. National Mobility Equipment Dealer’s Association (MNEDA) members work together in this non-profit trade association to improve transportation for people with disabilities. MNEDA is composed of manufacturers and dealers of mobility equipment, specialists in driver rehabilitation, and other professionals who are dedicated to the expansion of opportunities for those with disabilities to be able to drive or to be transported.

B. The Mobility Resource lists over 80 independent handicap van dealers throughout the nation. It is one of the USA’s largest adaptive driving networks and features an extensive inventory of handicap accessible vehicles.

C. Freedom Motors, Inc. (FMI) has converted vehicles to wheelchair accessibility for more than 20 years. Amazingly, they will bring any handicap van or wheelchair accessible car or SUV right to your house anywhere in the USA to give a free and no obligation at-home demonstration!

The Mission

Those who are dedicated to helping the disabled with their vehicle situations is to make them as independent as possible in being able to get to visits, attractions, events, and wherever else they want to go. The mission is to provide individuals with special needs with solutions that will enhance their lives in a high-quality and safe manner. Customer appreciation and satisfaction for the accessibility is the reward.

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