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WordPress New Release – Is It Worth The Wait

Once you have finally got your blog out there, it might seem like an enormous hassle to keep updating it, just because a new version of WordPress has come along.

You might be asking yourself, is it even worth the hassle of installing all the latest versions and is the newest version of WordPress worth the wait?

Here are some of our answers and reasons why you should do it and keep updating your blog.


Not updating your site and all the various plug ins, immediately makes it vulnerable to all types of malware and cyber-attack.

Critics of WordPress will be quick to point out that the security of WordPress blogs may not always be the greatest.

But there will definitely be a chink in your armor if you never update them.

Other things that the experts don’t like about WordPress sites is the fact that it hosts so many websites around the world. Nearly a quarter of the entire planet’s sites are created on it – that means a lot of people are interested in trying to hack into it.

There are some simple things that you can do to protect yourself though. Starting with the most basic – your password.

Ensure that you do not use the password for anything else and make it as strong as possible. This means using multiple characters in your password.

Security lapses can definitely occur with older versions of WordPress and plug ins, so one easy way of staying protected is to keep up to date.

Another tip is not using plug ins from dubious sources on your WordPress site. We recommend sticking to the WordPress ones and then the newest ones at that.


Each new version of WordPress will be faster than its predecessor. This is a fairly safe bet to make.

When you are chasing the SEO pinnacle with your blog (and you are, aren’t you?) then why would you want to have a site (WordPress or anything) that was not as fast as it could be?


WordPress is an open source, meaning millions if not billions of global users are using the platform for free and can modify it as they like. Should you experience any problems with your WordPress blog, it will be far easier to get advice about it from the community support forums, if you have the most recent version installed.


Yes, although WordPress are as vigorous as they can be, when they first create a new version, cracks are likely to appear over time.

One of the best ways of fixing any of the problems you are currently experiencing is simply to update the version you are using.

This is because (hopefully) WordPress will have fixed them! Most new versions include bug fixing of the previous version that went before it.

So, if you are experiencing any problems with your current blog created in WordPress, then updating it could simply fix all that.

And that’s a good enough reason for us to recommend that the latest version of WordPress without hesitation!